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Covering a wide range of projects from quality colour upgrades to more sophisticated finishes.

About Aina

Professional interior and exterior decorating from London based painter and decorator, and limewash specialist.

“I am passionate about what I do and take great pride in my work. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote or advice.”

Services from Aina’s Interior Finishes

Professional Painting and Decorating in South West London

Offering painting and decorating services in London and the South East, including specialist finishes such as polished plastering and gilding, and interior and exterior Lime washing.

To minimize disruption to you or your home, projects can be scheduled during holidays or outside normal working hours.

Limewash Paint Finishes


The properties of Lime have been applied extensively, both in the farming and building industries, for thousand of years.

A breathable and permeable environmentally friendly finish, non-flammable, naturally healthy and known for its high PH value preventing mould and mildew.

Interior Painting and Decorating

Quality Painting and Decorating in South West London

It is said that our homes & business premises are an extension of ourselves – even down to an energy level. Forever evolving, growing, changing styles much like us…. Through us and for us as their guardians.

Exterior Painting and Decorating

Professional Painting and Decorating in South West London

Often less is more, especially when it comes to period properties, unless, due to neglect or the inevitable passing of time, more specialist finishes and surface treatments are required. In those cases modern technology is able to offer us just that, a great selection of specialist finishes to help protect the integrity of the buildings from the elements, as well as improving the value of your home!


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Located in Battersea, southwest London, centrally located and covering properties in Greater London and southeast England.

Due to the nature of work – I am often up a ladder –  it is best to reach me by email. All inquiries are important and I will aim to reply within 48 hours.


  • Specialist Paint Finishes
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  • Commercial Decorating
  • Wallpapering
  • Interior and exterior Lime washing
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