The benefits of Lime have been known and applied extensively both in the farming and building industries for thousand of years for its alkaline nature, antibacterial, and breathability properties.

Lime in the building trade is still widely used as one of the components of mortar, in conservation work and as Wash to protect mainly the exterior of properties … But, did you know that with the correct treatment of surfaces Limewash can also be used for the cosmetic treatment of interior walls very much like paint would with the added benefit of being a completely organic and ecological finish?

One of the most exciting things I find when using limewash in this way, is that there is always an element of unpredictability in the final result due to the organic nature of the lime and perhaps the colours used, ranging from the very subtle, mottled finish to a rich velvety appearance with lots of movement…  Either way the end result I find is always beautiful, vibrant, timeless and sophisticated.


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